What I’m Learning: Celebrating Easter For Toddlers (and Those That Love Them)

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April is one of my favourite months of the year. My birthday is in April, spring feels like it’s finally on the horizon, and a lot of the time, Easter falls in April as well. This week marked the beginning of April, and for me, the beginning of Easter celebrations.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts before, you will know that I get super excited about holidays! There’s something about celebrating that I just love. So, when it turned over to April 1 on the calendar, I knew it was time to start preparing for and celebrating Easter.

I shared in a post earlier this week about the struggles of communicating and celebrating the real meaning of Easter with an almost two year old. I love the fun parts of the holiday – like chocolate, bunnies and eggs – but I don’t want to focus on only that because it is easy. I want Levi, even from a young age, to grasp the seriousness of Jesus’ sacrifice and the good news that He is ALIVE!

Before I became a parent to a rambunctious toddler, I had all kinds of good ideas about how I would do that. Projects and crafts and activity ideas from Pinterest swirled in my head. I thought that Levi would sit at the table with me as we embarked on experiments and crafts to explore the meaning of Easter in this season.

Maybe someday that will happen, but in my current season of life, none of that is happening. Teaching Levi about Easter is requiring more creativity than I imagined it would. This active little guy isn’t into crafts or sensory bins, but more into running and jumping and all of that fun stuff.

With that in mind, I’ve been on the search for resources and ideas that would help make the meaning of Easter real in our lives right now, not in the Pinterest-perfect life we wish we had. I’ve talked to many of you who are in the same boat – wanting to teach your kids, but not having the energy and time for yourself or the attention span and interest of your kids. So, let me share with you a few ideas.

I love decorating for holidays. Even before Levi, I always decorated our house for spring & Easter. This year, we went simple, and Levi actually helped me! I wanted him to understand that something special was happening, hence the decorations. Thanks to the dollar store, we are now “Easter-fied” with this simple banner, some fake flowers & some bunnies! As we decorated, I reminded Levi that “something special is happening! It’s Easter! Jesus is alive!”

Maybe this is something you can consider doing as well. Head to your local dollar or craft store, fill your cart, and come home and deck your house out for Easter!

After our Easter decorating spree (which, honestly, took about 15 minutes), Levi & I broke out our Resurrection Eggs from Kayla at Baby Devotions.
I love the idea of Resurrection Eggs, but I knew when I looked at kits online that Levi wasn’t quite old enough to grasp the concepts or sit through opening all 12! (However, if your kids are older, I highly recommend these)

That’s why I was so excited when I saw Kayla’s post about the Toddler Resurrection Eggs she had created. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, each egg contains a hands-on symbol for a different element of the Easter story. In the Toddler eggs, there are just 6 eggs filled instead of 12, and the accompanying Bible passages are just one verse!

What I love about the Resurrection Eggs is they are so simple but communicate the message of Easter in a powerful way. While ideally you’d wait until closer to Easter to use these, it was a great introduction for us to the concept of Easter! We opened each of the six eggs and spent a minute looking at each one. While Levi wanted to rush through and open ALL of them, we kept coming back to them over & over again.

I loved that he would ask me “What’s that Mommy!?” after we opened each egg, and would try to repeat after me. While he may still have some learning to do, I got a little misty-eyed when he echoed – “Jesus ALIVE!”

We used a simple story book to go through the Eggs as well! It comes from this set that Levi got as a gift! While I don’t love the “theology” of these stories (they focus a little bit too much on Jesus being ‘nice’ and ‘good’ instead of saving us for me), the pictures are great!

I highly recommend these lovely Resurrection Eggs from Baby Devotions! I believe she only has a few sets left on Etsy. If you’re crafty and have some extra time, I’m sure you could make your own. I just appreciated the ease of clicking a button and having them arrive at my door.

Along with the Resurrection Eggs, one of the best ways we are learning about Easter is through books! Levi won’t sit still for much, but books are usually one thing we can get through.

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Earlier this week, I shared about Glenys Nellist’s new book “Good News! It’s Easter.” We read this book literally EVERY SINGLE DAY and I love the way it’s driving home the truth of Easter with Levi. We bought this book last year at Easter and loved it, but it’s somehow managed to go missing! Our Easter collection of books is pretty small, so I’m hoping to expand it. I’m planning to add a copy of The Beginner’s Bible and this sweet book from Our Daily Bread sometime soon.

One of the other ways I’m learning to teach Levi about Easter is through technology. Let’s be real – screen time is so easy & prevalent in our world today. Levi loves the Bible App for Kids, and I’m planning to use it over the coming days to engage him in the Easter story. The app has two Easter stories – “It is Finished” and “A Happy Sunday.” The Bible App also has reading plans that go along with the Bible App for Kids videos – with a discussion question or memory verse and a 2-3 minute video each day! Levi & I have been doing some of these plans sporadically, and so I’m excited for the Easter one.

I’m also playing lots of music that talks about Jesus, Easter & the Good News! At our house, we are loving Yancy & her Easter tunes. Head on over to LIKE to my Facebook page where I’ll share a Spotify playlist of Easter songs for toddlers early next week.

So, let me know, how do YOU celebrate Easter with your kiddos? What resources are you using? What are you learning about teaching the truth of the Gospel to your littlest kids?

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