The Myth of #MomBoss

The Myth of #MomBoss

I have a sign at my house that proudly proclaims #momboss. I love the sign – but if I’m honest, most days I don’t feel like much of a #momboss. In fact, when I scroll through the Instagram hashtag connected to #momboss, I feel like laughing and crying all at once. 

Does anyone’s house actually look like that? 

Can you actually make 6 figures from your phone while also making beautiful crafts with your kids for every season?

Do people’s kids ACTUALLY participate in the Pinterest perfect activities? 

Are there actually moms who work full time, have a spotless home and do all the things with their kids…. and enjoy it? 

While I am sure these moms exist – and honestly, I admire them – I am not one of them. When I have people ask me – “how do you do all the things you do?” I want to bring them into my house and show them the storage room under my stairs, my bedroom after a busy morning, the Pinterest projects that lay unfinished, and the very NOT gourmet meals we eat at night for supper. 

I want to open up my heart and share my own insecurities about my ability to parent well in this season, the constant struggle of trying to figure out how much work vs. how much home, and the many times I put the wrong things first. 

#momboss seems like a bit of – okay, a lot of – a myth to me.

We live in a culture that celebrates perfection and superwomen – those of us who manage to do it all. We love vulnerability – but it is still #filtered for Instagram. I mean, sure, I’ll post a picture of a few scattered toys or without makeup on, but I’m not posting the playroom after it hasn’t been cleaned for two weeks or a selfie when I first roll out of bed. 

Being a #momboss is often a filtered phenomenon – a highlight reel, if you will.

While I’ve spent lots of time beating myself up about not being a #momboss – I’m learning to embrace it.

And I think you should too.

Because even though my life isn’t perfect, even though my home won’t be on Pinterest, and even though I have a lot of parenting fails, I actually feel blessed to have the life I have. It’s hard and busy and overwhelming at times – but it’s also beautiful. 

I may not have perfected any of the things I do, but I really love them. I may not reach all my goals this year – or ever – but it’s fun to try. I may not do many (read – ANY) educational Pinterest activities with my toddler, and we may have too much screentime, but he really loves seeing me come through the door in the evenings – and that makes me feel pretty accomplished.

So maybe, just maybe, #momboss isn’t a myth.
Maybe it just looks different for all of us.
Maybe being a #momboss isn’t perfection – but living the season you’re in the best you can, and forgetting the rest.
Maybe being a #momboss just means being exactly who God has created you to be in this season – messy closets, unfinished work projects and all.

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