The Freshness of Fall: Starting Something New

The Freshness of Fall: Starting Something New

I love the fall.

If you know me at all, you’ll know this to be true. I took out my fall decorations as soon as the calendar rolled over to September, as my enthusiastic toddler yelled, “It’s Halloween!” (Oops)

I think part of the reason I love the fall so much is that feeling of starting something new. While I haven’t gone back to school for a while in the fall, I still feel like September is the start of a brand new season (and real talk, I can’t resist picking up a few good pens and a planner in the school supplies aisle). 

Fall has always been a time when I’ve started something NEW – whether school, a job or a ministry initiative. This year, there are no big “new things” on the horizon, so I’m feeling a little bit antsy! 

However, as I’ve been pondering this desire to start something NEW in the fall, I’ve thought about my own personal devotional life. I’ve thought about the ways my typically structured routine drifts in the summer; when Bible reading is often a quick flick of the pages or skimming of the reading on my Bible app, and prayers are whispered here, there and everywhere. 

So this fall, my new is simply going to be a “new” or fresh commitment to the time I spend with God each day. While I’ve written about the way my views of quiet time have evolved since I’ve been a mom, during this season, having a stable, steady quiet time is working, and in all reality, a lifeline. 

I’m planning to change things up a little by committing to a more in-depth study of a particular topic or book. I haven’t quite figured out what that will be yet, so I’m open to suggestions. If that doesn’t sound quite your style, here are a few other suggestions to refresh (or maybe even start for the first time!) your personal devotional time: 

  • I have been loving these daily Faith and Culture readings from this devotional. It is different – the readings each day are based in science, archaeology, theology, entertainment or culture – and tie them into a Christian concept. It is really unique and has brought a lot of interesting thoughts to light for me!
  • I am a huge fan of the Bible App, especially doing plans with friends. Why not choose a short plan, invite some friends to join you, and commit to commenting daily? It’s accountability and something fresh often. I recommend this plan by Kat Armstrong as a good starting point.
  • I have done several Inscribed studies over the past year, and have really enjoyed them. They are great for group or individual study – and offer a really unique perspective on biblical books or themes. They are targeted to women but still very theologically rich.
  • Consider starting a prayer or gratitude journal. Journaling is a rich tool for a lot of people, and if you’ve never done it, simply recording your prayer needs or things you’re thankful for is a great start.
  • Listen to the Bible! Decide to listen to a Psalm each morning through the Bible App or a site like Bible Gateway as you shower or drive to work. Hearing the Bible can really bring it to life!

Whatever you do, start something fresh this fall to kickstart the time you spend with God. Let me know your plans by leaving a comment here or on Facebook.

And if you’re interested in some inspiration & accountability, check out the new Facebook community I’m hosting – Growing Together.

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