Teaching Kids to Share the Gospel: A Halloween Resource

Halloween is just around the corner! This holiday can cause controversy in some Christian circles – should we celebrate? If so, how?

Regardless of where you fall on celebrating the holiday – I’ve shared some thoughts here on how you can make the most of it – we can all agree that Halloween is an incredible opportunity to reach out to those who are around us! On October 31, kids and their families will be knocking on your door – and the doors of families in your churches!

I’ve said many times that I believe the homes of those who follow Jesus should have the best treats and biggest smiles – but can we do something more? Is there a way to share the Gospel too?

The team at Let the Little Children Come believes so, and they’ve created these “Is Anything Better Than Candy?” pumpkin boxes to help you do it! These cute little pumpkin boxes come in packages of twenty that are completely flat. Instructions are included on each pumpkin on how to fold.

Each piece of the pumpkin is coloured and includes a simple summary of the Gospel message. As kids unfold, they’ll get to read the truth of the Gospel – and start to understand that as great as free candy is, there is something even better – the free gift of salvation that comes from Jesus!

How Should I Use Them?

Let’s be real – if you start handing out these empty boxes because they share a message that’s “better than candy”, your house will not be the most popular one on the street! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to spread the Good News.

You could distribute these at your Fall Festival or Trunk or Treat event – with some small candy inside or attached to some great treats – or even at a Glow Event like this one at Deeper Kidmin.

Another great idea – and how I plan to use these cute boxes – is to give them to the kids who attend my Sunday morning ministry! Showing them how to put these boxes together, and having a discussion on the text on each panel is a great way to empower kids to share the Gospel.

I’m a firm believer that the best way the Gospel is shared is within a relationship.

So, why not use these boxes to show kids how to do that? These boxes are theologically accurate, but simple enough for kids to use to share the Gospel!

I’m hoping to spend some time on a Sunday walking kids through the basic truths shared in these boxes, giving them some yummy treats to accompany them, and then challenging them to share the truth of the Gospel with the friends!

Kids can share the Gospel – and this tool is just one great way they can do so in this Halloween season!

Thanks to kidmintools.com and Let the Little Children Come for the opportunity to receive this product!

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