Talking About Things That Matter [A New Series]

Confession: Before I became a parent, I honestly couldn’t figure out why people cringed at the thought of having hard conversations with their kids. I grew up in a home with open and honest dialogue about pretty much everything, and I just assumed that it came naturally and easily.

Confession 2: Since becoming a parent, I start to break out in a sweat when I think about the tough conversations I’ll need to have with Levi as he grows. When I envision sitting across the table or in the car with this sweet, mischevious toddler in a year or two or ten talking about race and technology and sex and safety, I get nervous. Then, I repent of judging all the parents who have admitted to me at some point or another that having these conversations with their kids are hard. I think I get it now.

Despite the anxiety and discomfort that comes from having hard conversations, I am convinced that it is our responsibility as parents (insert – caregivers, grandparents, pastors, ministry leaders or another title) to have conversations with our kids about things that matter. We cannot just hope that the hard things go away, resolve themselves, or our kids learn about them in another avenue.

We must be on the frontlines with our kids – answering questions, having dialogue and being safe people to talk to. 

Because here is the truth – someone is going to be talking to your kid about the important things. Whether indirectly, through television, social media or YouTube, or directly, through friends, teachers, family members or classmates – someone is going to help them form their worldview. Someone is going to make space for them to ask questions, and someone is going to share their opinion on the tough topics that make us squeamish.

So, who do you want it to be?

I don’t know about you, but I want to be the one diving in with Levi. I want to be the one starting the conversations, asking and answering the hard questions, and making sure he knows that if there’s something that matters – we will be talking about it.

But, I don’t always know where to start. The wealth of information, opinions and views on important subjects is endless. Google searches are overwhelming, and usually lead me down a rabbit trail that ends in me buying something on Amazon.

Hence, this series was born. My goal throughout the next few weeks is to put together posts to help you (and who am I kidding, me too!) have the hard conversations with the kids in your life. I want to put resources in your hands and thoughts in your mind so you can start talking about the things that matter. While I’m sure my opinion may not be the same as yours on every topic we’ll cover, you can be sure that the information and suggestions I share in these posts will be:

  • Based on biblical principles and centred on Jesus
  • Up-to-date (You won’t find any stats or info from 1996… I’ve done and am continuing to do, my homework)
  • Realistic. I know life is busy and chaotic, so I hope that what I share here can fit into the life you lead already!

I’m excited to take the plunge into this series. So far, I have posts planned on diversity and race, worry, social media and technology, making wise media choices, safety & sex. I’d love to hear from you on topics you’d like me to cover. You can leave a comment here or email me at!

Let’s commit to talk about the things that matter – even when it’s tough. Our kids deserve it.

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One thought on “Talking About Things That Matter [A New Series]

  1. Julia, this is an awesome undertaking but I am sure you will do well both with your blog and with precious Levi! I always enjoy your posts and often wish I had these resources when I was raising my boys. When I look back there are so many things I would do differently..

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