Quick & Easy Ideas for Teaching Your Kids the Bible at Home

Quick & Easy Ideas for Teaching Your Kids the Bible at Home

With spring breaks happening or around the corner and COVID-19 virus cancellations and quarantines, chances are your kids are going to be spending a lot more time at home in the next little while.

Whether schools in your area are closed, church activities are postponed, or all your kids’ extra-curricular activities are cancelled, all of us are looking at the reality that our kids are going to be at home more.

While that can feel overwhelming, this can actually be a great time for you & your family to grow in your faith together. With so much of the “busy” cleared out of our schedules, we have a great opportunity to teach our kids the truth of the Bible and invest in their faith.

No matter how old your kids are, I’ve compiled a list of quick and easy ideas that you can pull together to teach your kids the Bible at home!

Apps & Websites

Let’s be real, screentime is a saving grace for a lot of us when our kids are at home all day. But if you’re like me, and you’re tired of watching the same shows on Netflix or videos on YouTube, here are some great, wholesome options that you can use to teach your kids the Bible:

  • All Star Kids Club Go! App: This awesome, brand-new app is available on Apple TV, Roku, and your devices. There are lots of great videos – from animated Bible stories to kids worship songs. The clips are brief, but great as an alternative to mindless YouTube scrolling and for starting discussion.
  • Pursue God Kids: I love the content on Pursue God Kids! You can choose a topic you’re interested in talking to your kids about – and they provide short videos, discussion questions and activity ideas. It’s straightforward and simple!
  • Saddleback Kids on YouTube: I love the videos from Saddleback Kids and use them in our kids’ ministry all the time. They have videos for preschool and elementary, and they are short, humourous & great for teaching about the Bible!
  • The Bible App for Kids: I am still a huge fan of the Bible App for Kids! Their website also provides coloring sheets and family guides for every story on the App. This is great for your preschoolers!

Free Devotionals & Activities

  • A couple years ago in our church, we worked through a preaching series on James. I created a free family devotional to go along with it that you can download here. Reading through a book of the Bible together is a great way to study the Bible intentionally – especially with older kids!
  • Maybe your kids are completely unfamiliar with the idea of Bible study. This is a great time to start. You can use this Kids’ Guide to the Bible to get your kids started! If you want to take things a step further, check out this Family Experience I created to introduce your kids to Bible study in a more indepth way.
  • One of my favourite ways to teach kids the truth about God is by using the Apostles’ Creed. I did a full #theologyTuesday series on the blog that you can follow – and you can also check out this simple guide chocked-full of ideas on how to teach it to your kids!
  • There are so many great family devotionals on YouVersion – all you have to do is take a few minutes to read and discuss. Here are some of my favourites.
  • If you have younger kids at home, the idea of teaching the Bible can feel intimidating and overwhelming to say the least! I love Baby Devotions for lots of fun ideas on how to teach kids this age.
  • Steadfast Family is another great resource full of ideas for preschool Bible lessons and simple activities you can easily do at home.
  • Looking for some more ideas? Pinterest is an awesome resource full of ideas. I’ve pinned some of my favourite ideas to teach theology to kids at home here!

Devotionals & Resources

  • My sister gifted us “I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids” when Levi was born, and I broke it out this week to start using! It teaches kids a Bible verse every week and has a simple, straightforward devotional. The first week is on creation, so we’re going to do some simple activities to go along with that as well!
  • Just this past summer, I wrote a kids’ devotional book on Conquering Fear. Now more than ever, it seems appropriate to talk to kids about how Jesus can help us overcome our fears. It’s full of activities that you can use with your kids to conquer fear and create conversation.
  • Minno is an awesome subscription service with loads of kids content – including Veggie Tales, Superbook, What’s in the Bible and more! It’s a great way to incorporate screentime, Bible-based content and start conversations with your family.

No matter what you choose to do with your family, be sure to use this time intentionally. With our schedules clearing, activities being cancelled and all of us being at home a little more, we can complain or we can see it is an opportunity.

This is an opportunity to invest in our families and their faith.

So have intentional conversations, read the Bible together, pray, and use the resources above to disciple your family during this time!

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