My Favourite Picture Books to Put Under the Tree

My Favourite Picture Books to Put Under the Tree

I love giving books for Christmas.
(Almost as much as I love getting them)

Books are the gifts that keep on giving – they’re used all year round, provide a quick boredom buster, and give you an excuse to spend quality time with your littles! I especially love giving books with a Gospel-centered message – they’re a great gift PLUS they provide a chance to teach high quality, biblical truth.

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for the littlest one in your lives, here are some of my favourite picture books that you can put under your tree:

God Made Me & You
by Shai Linne

I cannot begin to tell you how many times Levi & I have read this book in 2019. It has become one of our favourite bedtime stories – despite it being a little wordy for a 2-year old. This brightly illustrated, rhyming story paints a beautiful picture for God’s plan for ethnic diversity, explains racism in an age-appropriate way and points to the Gospel the whole way through. Your kids will love this book, and so will you! It’s a great way to start a conversation about a tricky topic!

God Counts by Irene Sun

This book has been another one of our favourites this year! Counting is a skill we’re still trying to master – and I love the way this book teaches a practical skill (learning your numbers) along with a bunch of theological truths. You wouldn’t think that a kids’ book would talk about the Trinity, Fruit of the Spirit, and eternity all in one – but this one does – and it’s not overwhelming! It’s a great launching pad to talk about theological truths with older kids – or just to introduce the concepts with your toddlers and preschoolers!

I got this book for FREE (score!) at Children’s Pastors Conference this past January, and Levi & I have read it loads! I love the practical way this book addresses fear and being brave, and how it points back to God as the ultimate source of bravery! The pictures are bright and attractive for kids, the story is intriguing, and it drives home an important truth about fear and bravery – an issue all of our kids are dealing with!

Quinn’s Promise Rock by Christie Thomas

This beautiful book by Christie Thomas is one your kids will love! Levi asks for the “owl story” – and I know this is the book he’s referring to. This adorably illustrated story points our kids to the truth that God is with us no matter what! This is a great bedtime story, or a great read when your kids are facing change, transition or something else scary!

Good News! God Made Me
Glenys Nellist

We have loved all the books we’ve read by Glenys Nellist! Her Love Letters to God is a common bedtime read in our house – and this one is quickly becoming one of our favourites too! As always, the illustrations are beautiful (I especially love the diverse family pictured throughout) and the message is powerful but simple – God made ME! Your toddler and preschooler will love this read – and you’ll soon find them answering the questions of “Who made my fingers wiggle so? Who gave me ten cute toes?” with an enthusiastic GOD! The truths this book drives home are powerful and so important for even the littlest of kids to understand.

I couldn’t finish up this list without including one Christmas read. You can check out a bunch of my favourites here, but this is one of our brand-new favourites. It is simple, biblically accurate, and so much fun to read! This is a great one to include in a Christmas Eve box, or to read together before you open the presents on Christmas morning!

More good news – in partnership with Discovery House/Our Daily Bread Ministries – I’m giving away a copy of Good News! God Made Me over on Instagram! Head on over now to check out the contest details and check out how you can win a free copy of this gorgeous book to put under YOUR tree!

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