“Inspired: Unlocking Your Creativity” by Kidmin Nation Library


No automatic alt text available.I am such a huge fan of the work that Ryan Frank, Tina Houser and the rest of the Kidmin Nation community are doing in the children’s ministry world. They are providing so many great resources for children’s pastors, and I have greatly benefitted from many of their free webinars, conferences & the “I Love Kidmin” Facebook group.
I cannot tell you then, how excited I was, when a chapter I wrote was selected to be a part of the most recent edition of the Kidmin Nation Library, “Inspired.” This book is all about creativity in children’s ministry and features a wide variety of authors on pretty much every topic you could imagine in kids’ ministry.
My chapter (for those of you who are wondering), is the second in the book. It’s entitled “Painting, Planning and Praying” – and it’s about how to learn creativity. In the chapter, I share my own personal journey of feeling very uncreative to arriving in a place where I can appreciate and grow in my own creative abilities. Here’s a brief excerpt from my chapter:

One of the greatest things I’ve learned about being creative is that our God is the ultimate Creator. The Holy Spirit is the most creative being on the planet. We simply need to take a glance at the world we live in and the people we cross paths with to see that our God is a creative God. When I intentionally pray and ask God to give me creative ideas – not just for art projects, but for outreach, discipling and connecting with parents, I’ve been blown away at the light bulb moments I’ve had.

As proud as I am of my chapter, it definitely isn’t what makes this book great! The variety of perspectives, knowledge & ideas that are featured inside this volume make it an incredible resource for every children’s pastor. A couple of my favourite chapters included:

“Seek Inspiration: Where to Look and What to Do” by Brooke Miller
Brooke’s chapter on finding inspiration in ministry was, well, for lack of a better word inspiring! One of my greatest struggles in ministry is simply trying to figure out where to get ideas. There are only so many Google searches or Pinterest sessions you can do before you feel like you’re running into a wall! Brooke’s suggestions – especially on keeping up with the kids & being up-to-date on kids’ media – were really helpful, and I’ll be implementing them into my own children’s ministry!

“Artichokes, Duct Tape Wars & Special Events” by Julie Dearyan
I always struggle with special events in children’s ministry. Right now, I’m looking into Christmas events and my brain just feels scrambled. There are so many options, and none of them seem good to me! Julie’s chapter on making use of creativity to add value and not just for its own sake was convicting and compelling. Sometimes, I’m guilty of just trying to be exciting and creative for no purpose other than to be exciting or creative. Her criteria for creativity and reminder to have purpose behind the creative things we do were fabulous! Plus, I loved her event ideas and may very well be stealing some in the near future.

“If It’s Available, Use It!: Technology in Kidmin” By Jack Henry
This is a chapter I’m going to keep coming back to! I love exploring options for technology in ministry, and Jack’s chapter was full of great ideas and resources. The questions he poses at the end of the chapter really got me thinking about how I could better utilize technology in my ministry. I so often see technology as a distraction to kidmin, but how can I better use it as a gift & get creative with it!? These are questions I’m going to need to start answering!

These are some of my favourite chapters, but they are by no means the only ones I enjoyed. I can honestly say I loved this entire book and I keep coming back to it over & over. I highly recommend it to ANYONE in children’s ministry!

PS. Guess what? I am giving away ONE copy of this amazing book to a lucky reader! All you have to do is a leave a comment on THIS blog post answering a simple question –

What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done in children’s ministry!?

Leave a comment on this post (don’t forget your name and email before you post) and I’ll be choosing a winner ONE week from today!

Can’t wait to hear from you – and give away this amazing book!

10 thoughts on ““Inspired: Unlocking Your Creativity” by Kidmin Nation Library

  1. What I started as a special event for our church families turned into a very large event at a local park for our community! It’s similar to a fall festival. We light up the park with light towers and offer a safe place for families to have fun together!

    This book sounds great!! Thanks for reviewing it!

  2. Would love to find ways in keeping the little kids interested at all times. I keep trying to find different crafts that the kids would love.

  3. Couple years ago we had “Bible Camp” for one day. The theme was on Noah. The wall in the hallway had a huge blue whale. Walls in the sanctuary were decorated and the classroom also. Shark heads on the wall as you come inside. Snacks were bananas made to look like a dolphin with raisins for eyes, hot dog octopus, blue jello with gummy fish in it. Our class was taught about Noah and his family and how God used him to witness and tell the people that God would destroy the world with water if they didn’t turn to him. We had songs and an altar call where a little boy gave his heart to the Lord. Of course, we had the water on outside for them to finish up their day and they sure had a blast. But the most important thing was that one child turned to the Lord. God is so good.

  4. We hosted a Backpack Blessing as a back to school kick-off. We invited our local school staff and children and college students. It was a wonderful service and an encouragement to our teachers and children.
    I would love to receive this book

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