The Ultimate Easter Hunt

This is a family experience that I wrote for our local children’s ministry 2 years ago. I am all about allowing families to have fun, while at the same time learning & experiencing the truth for themselves. Feel free to modify this however you think is necessary to fit your group. Find the experience here. 

Experience the Bible: A Family Devotional

I am a firm believer that the most important discipleship that ever happens is within a home. This is an hour-long experience that you can work through with your family – whether littles or teens – to experience the Bible together. Included are sample ‘S.O.A.P.’ method sheets & Bible journalling sheets for older and younger kids. You can download the experience here.

A Kid’s Guide to the Bible

The Bible isn’t just a book for grown-ups – it’s for children too! I believe that with the right tools at their disposal, children can understand and dig into the Bible. This is a guide I designed for local children’s ministry that introduces children to the basics of the Bible, and provides them with a simple reading plan. You can download it here. 

The Greatest Story Ever Told- Children’s Program

This is the first Christmas program I utilized in my current church. The goal was for the program to be narrated by teenagers or adults sitting around a fireplace reading a “story” and for the kids to silently act and have an occasional line. In all, the program took about 20 minutes. Hopefully it will help you! Please let me know if you use this and how it works for you by emailing Download it here.

Jonah Journal

In the summer of 2018, our church family journeyed through the book of Jonah. We gave kids a journal to take home and complete that corresponded to each week’s message. You can download it here! 

Jesse Tree Curriculum

This Advent season, our kids worked through a Jesse Tree together. It was intended to allow them to experience the family tree of Jesus each week. You can download the preschool curriculum here and the elementary one here. 

Have you ordered Conquering Fear yet!?

This new RoseKidz devotional from Julia is designed to lead kids from ages 10-12 into a deeper relationship with Jesus through introducing them to a super-incredible faith! You don't want to miss this!