FREE Kidmin Resource: Jonah Journal

FREE Kidmin Resource: Jonah Journal


Summer isn’t an easy time in kids’ ministry. Between holidays, crazy schedules & everything else – it’s hard to maintain any real form of consistency. I’ve often found myself post-VBS just trying to keep things going from Sunday in Sunday. Without our midweek program and with kids often missing Sundays, it feels like summer is a slow season where nothing substantial gets accomplished in terms of connecting with kids or helping them grow in their relationship with God.

Last summer at our church, we took a journey through James with the adults in our congregation. All summer, we worked through the book of James, and created a devotional to go along with it. Many members of our congregation commented on how helpful this was – they found it kept them connected and growing in faith no matter where they found themselves.

My husband, Andrew (also lead pastor of our church!) decided to use the same strategy again this year. He’s preaching through the book of Jonah over the summer, and created a “Jonah Journal” to go along with it! In our conversations, we thought – why not try something new and do the same thing for our kids!? So, during the summer in kids’ ministry, we’re travelling through the book of Jonah together. We’re piggy-backing off of the points that Andrew will be sharing with the adults, but also making it our own. And, in an effort to keep kids connected, we’ve made a Jonah journal just for them too! This journal includes a Bible point, passage & activity for each week of the summer to keep them connected – plus Youtube videos & songs they can listen to.

This is a complete experiment for me, but one I’m really excited about. I love being able to create simple resources that allow kids and families to get hands-on with their faith at home. And I know many of you do too – so I thought, why not share it? Whether you’re going through Jonah right now, or sometime in the future, this is a great opportunity to dive in together! I’ve removed our church’s branding from this downloadable version – so you can just go right ahead and use it. At the end of the summer, I’ll share our Jonah series as well!

In the meanwhile, happy using. I’d love to hear from you HOW you use this resource and if it works in your ministry!

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