Fall Outreach Ideas for #Kidmin

Fall Outreach Ideas for #Kidmin

Fall is a great time to connect with your community and show the love of Jesus. People are going back to school, settling into a routine, and looking for safe places to connect their kids to. Being intentional in reaching out to our communities is so important. Here are some of my favourite fall outreach ideas.

Love your schools.

Schools are the heartbeat of our communities and the center of most kids’ lives. When our schools flourish, everyone benefits. Find creative ways to love your schools this season. Drop off goodies for teachers, serve at a breakfast or lunch program, volunteer where there are gaps, provide school supplies – do whatever you can, wherever there is a need – to love your schools. 

Be where families are.

Where do families hang out in your community? At sports arenas? Parks? Community events? Find out and be there to love and serve. See if you can go to a sports event and serve water, Gatorade or snacks. Head to a park on a Saturday and set up a table with donuts or muffins. See if you can set up at community craft fairs or festivals. Show your community – and the families that are a part of it – that you care about them. 

Plan a great family-oriented event.

Many churches plan fall outreach events, especially around Halloween. Fall is a great time to do a family event – the weather isn’t horrible yet, people are back from crazy summers and looking for things to do! Whether this is a fall festival, a family campfire night, an outdoor movie (if it’s warm enough!), or a “trunk or treat”, plan an awesome event, promote it well, and love the families that show up!

If you’re looking for a place to get started, check out this event we did and I shared at Deeper Kidmin. Bonus – I know many churches do these events on Halloween as alternatives, but consider doing it on another night! Families are already out and about on Halloween, which brings me to my next point. 

Love your community on Halloween.

Halloween is the one night of the year in most places where neighbours are actually knocking on your door and saying hi. Families are actually out and about – often together. Encourage your church – whether formally or organically – to love your community really well. Whether you set up an organized station where you give out hot drinks, treats and glow sticks, open your church building for kids to use the bathrooms and warm up, or simply encouraging your members to give out the best treats and show lots of kindness, love your community well. It’s the best opportunity you may get to connect with those in your town or city this year. Check out how you can do this with another event I’ve created at Deeper Kidmin!

Fall – and well every season – is full of great opportunities to show love to our towns and the people in them – if we just get creative and intentional. How are you reaching out this fall!? 

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