#TheologyTuesday Is Back!

Every time I prepare to write a piece on theology – whether for an online platform or to share from the pulpit – I feel incredibly inadequate. I mean, it’s not like I’m writing about my own personal experience or opinions – I’m writing about God. As passionate as I am about the topic, when I […]

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Theology in the Trenches

When I tell people I love theology, I get a host of mixed reactions. When I tell them I have a Master’s Degree in theology, the response is usually the same – “Really? You?” Not usually what I lead with when I meet people for the first time. A 25-year old mom and children’s pastor […]

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My NEWEST Challenge for Women

While for the past little while on the blog I’ve been focusing on theology (and loving it!), I decided it was time for a change of pace. Next up? This exciting challenge for women – of all ages and walks of life. Women are busy. The demands of ministry, parenting, marriage, work and everything in […]

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#TheologyTuesday: Teaching Theology to Your Kids

We’ve made it! After several weeks of unpacking the various theological truths in the Apostles’ Creed, we have made it to the end. This series has been more exciting and challenging than I could even imagine. While diving into theology isn’t always easy, I believe it is always worth it. Gaining knowledge about God isn’t […]

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Have you ordered Conquering Fear yet!?

This new RoseKidz devotional from Julia is designed to lead kids from ages 10-12 into a deeper relationship with Jesus through introducing them to a super-incredible faith! You don't want to miss this!