The Myth of #MomBoss

I have a sign at my house that proudly proclaims #momboss. I love the sign – but if I’m honest, most days I don’t feel like much of a #momboss. In fact, when I scroll through the Instagram hashtag connected to #momboss, I feel like laughing and crying all at once.  Does anyone’s house actually […]

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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone: In Life, Parenting & Ministry (And Why You Can Too)

This week, I am doing something completely outside of my comfort zone. I am attending Childrens’ Pastors Conference on my own – without my favourite sidekicks, Andrew & Levi. If that isn’t enough, I am also leading a breakout session. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited about both! I love learning more and getting better at what […]

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When the “Bad Mom” Days Come

I’m starting this post with a confession: Yesterday was a “bad mom” day for me. Just after supper, I sat down on the couch across from Andrew & Levi and simply stated: “I feel like a bad mom today.” The reasons, looking back, were a little silly. I was getting extremely irritated by the consistent […]

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How We Meet God in the Everyday Moments

Confession time: When I was a teenager, I thought that God only showed up in very “spiritual” moments. Sitting in my room during quiet time – with my Bible open. Around the altar during a church service on a Sunday night. At youth camps during the summer when everyone was passionately worshipping (and also crying). […]

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My NEWEST Challenge for Women

While for the past little while on the blog I’ve been focusing on theology (and loving it!), I decided it was time for a change of pace. Next up? This exciting challenge for women – of all ages and walks of life. Women are busy. The demands of ministry, parenting, marriage, work and everything in […]

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Have you ordered Conquering Fear yet!?

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