Let’s Talk About Church: Why It Matters

Although I’m a pastor by vocation, my love for the church started long before I was hired in an official capacity. Growing up in the home of pastors, my life has long centered around the church and its various activities. While many kids who grow up in pastor’s homes saw the church as a burden […]

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Doing What Matters: Practical Thoughts on Calling & Parenthood

Earlier this week I shared some of my thoughts on calling and parenthood. You can read it here, but for those of you who want the one-sentence summary, the piece essentially said this: Parenthood is a calling from God to love, empower and guide our children. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard that idea lots […]

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Why What You Do Matters: On Calling & Parenthood

When I was in my last trimester of pregnancy, I remember lying on my bed and sobbing hormone-fuelled, lack-of-sleep induced tears and exclaiming to my husband, Andrew: “I am not prepared for this.” “How can I be a mom?” “Am I going to be any good at this?” I felt ill-equipped for what lay ahead. […]

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