Talking About Things That Matter: Your Kids & Technology

“One of the most common, and contested, conversations I have with parents – both friends and those who I get to serve in ministry – is about technology. “Should my kids use it?”“How much screen time is too much screen time?”“Should I let my _____ – year old have a phone? tablet? computer?”“How do I […]

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Talking About Things That Matter [A New Series]

Confession: Before I became a parent, I honestly couldn’t figure out why people cringed at the thought of having hard conversations with their kids. I grew up in a home with open and honest dialogue about pretty much everything, and I just assumed that it came naturally and easily. Confession 2: Since becoming a parent, I […]

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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone: In Life, Parenting & Ministry (And Why You Can Too)

This week, I am doing something completely outside of my comfort zone. I am attending Childrens’ Pastors Conference on my own – without my favourite sidekicks, Andrew & Levi. If that isn’t enough, I am also leading a breakout session. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited about both! I love learning more and getting better at what […]

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