Teaching Kids to Share the Gospel: A Halloween Resource

Halloween is just around the corner! This holiday can cause controversy in some Christian circles – should we celebrate? If so, how? Regardless of where you fall on celebrating the holiday – I’ve shared some thoughts here on how you can make the most of it – we can all agree that Halloween is an […]

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Fall Outreach Ideas for #Kidmin

Fall is a great time to connect with your community and show the love of Jesus. People are going back to school, settling into a routine, and looking for safe places to connect their kids to. Being intentional in reaching out to our communities is so important. Here are some of my favourite fall outreach […]

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Planning Your #Kidmin Year

I am a shameless planner. I plan everything – birthday parties, calendars, ministry programs, even vacations – down to every last detail. I love planning. Seeing a completed to-do list or a beautifully filled out calendar fills my heart with joy. It’s true.  In my time in ministry (and also just life), I have realized […]

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Easy Ways You Can Celebrate Easter in #KidMin!

Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links! All that means is that when we link to outside products, we may receive a small commission if you choose to buy them. Don’t worry – any products we share are ones we love and use. Easter is practically here! Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been sharing […]

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Have you ordered Conquering Fear yet!?

This new RoseKidz devotional from Julia is designed to lead kids from ages 10-12 into a deeper relationship with Jesus through introducing them to a super-incredible faith! You don't want to miss this!