A Guide to Online Church for Families: FREE Download

A Guide to Online Church for Families: FREE Download

These are strange times to be leading in church ministry.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus around the world, many of us – whether paid or volunteer leaders – are finding ourselves in uncharted waters. Church services & ministries are being cancelled indefinitely.

With those cancellations, many of us (including my church family!) are moving to virtual services for the very first time. If you’re like me, one of the questions I’ve been asking this week is:

How can we keep the families in our church engaged with an online service?

So much of what we do in family & children’s ministry is personal – a warm greeting on a Sunday morning, activities in a classroom, a greeting by name. Trying to engage children and their parents virtually is a challenge.

A challenge, yes, but not impossible! I also believe with creativity and God’s help, we can see parents and their kids engaging with our online church services and continuing to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus.

With that in mind, I’ve created an Online Guide to Church for Families. I’ll be sharing it with the families in our church this Sunday, and I want to share it with YOU too – to use with your own family, or to distribute to the families in your church.

I’m giving you two options, you can download it as a PDF just by clicking this link.

Or, if you prefer an image file, just right click and save the images below!

I really hope and pray this resource can be helpful to you & the families in your church! During the coming days, I’ll be sharing what we are doing in our church family – as we learn together.

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